History of Brewery Alivaria started on January 28, 1864 when Minsk citizen Rohlya Frumkinova turned to Emperor Alexander Nikolaevich with a request to let her build a wooden house for a brewery.

On August 20, 1893 the brewery was bought by the then city governor Karl Emirikovich Czapski for 32 thousand roubles silver. It got the name of “Steam brewery “Bohemia” of count Czapski”.

The brewery has never stopped working since its foundation. Time and owners (with Count Czapski being one of them) changed but beer was always brewed here.

It's a tour around the oldest operating Brewery in Belarus, where you'll learn interesting facts about beer brewing and Minsk history and will also learn how to taste beer like a professional beer taster. the route passes through the historical part of the current production, accompanied by a fascinating story about the company's 150-year history and the main stages of brewing.

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