Naliboki Forest  is a large forest complex in the northwestern Belarus, on the right bank of the Neman River, on the Belarusian Ridge.

Nalibotskaya Pushcha is famous for its nature and rich, although tragic, history. The forest is named after a small town of Nalibaki situated in the middle of it, although the title of "informal capital of the forest" belongs rather to the town of Ivyanets.

Much of the area is occupied by pine forests and swamps, and some parts of the Naliboki are rather hilly. Rich fauna include deer, wild boars, elks, beavers, bears, bison, wood grouses, heath cocks, snipes etc.

Naliboki Forest with its surroundings, is one of the few regions of Belarus which to some extent has preserved certain features of pre-Soviet culture. This regional identity, complementary to the “standard” Belarusian culture, will be emphasized in the long-term campaign for the creation of a recognizable image of the region.

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