Manor "Bee World"

The hospitable rural manor "World of Bees" invites guests to a national dinner. Here you will have the opportunity not only to take a break from the bustle of the city, but also to get acquainted with the traditional Belarusian culture through songs and dances. A pleasant addition will be acquaintance with the traditional Belarusian craft - beekeeping. The main highlight of the evening is the Belarusian dinner, where you will try the most delicious Belarusian dishes and drinks.

The national dinner begins with a meeting with the owner of the manor and a light appetizers. Further, all participants will have a fascinating tour of the manor, dedicated to traditional beekeeping, with quizzes and a fascinating story from the owner.

After the tour, a real traditional Belarusian banquet awaits the guests! The owners of the manor will prepare for you a wide variety of meat dishes, homemade cheeses, vegetables and, of course, real moonshine with honey, liquors and tinctures, as well as cranberry juice. For dessert - pancakes with honey and herbal tea. All products are natural, local, healthy and very tasty.

During the feast you will hear traditional Belarusian songs, dance Belarusian dances and have a very fun and sincere time.

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