Manor "Ganka" - a unique place in the heart of Belarus, where you will get acquainted with real traditions, learn how to drink moonshine (home-made vodka), taste real bread, see the old Belarusian Batleyka puppet theater and hear the unique voice of old Belarusian instruments.

Ganka is a family estate, here you will definitely feel at home. Here everything is for real, without fake, pathos and everyday fuss. Everything is sincere and from the heart.

All food and beverages are prepared from products grown right here on the ecologically clean land of the manor. But what is more important - this land is imbued with the sincere love of the family that lives and works here. And you will feel it from the first minutes.

Hospitable family of Anatoly Ganets will greet you near their cottage with accordion, bread and a shot glass of moonshine. They will tell the story how to make and how to drink this product in the right way.
After that, the host will invite you for a dinner and you can taste real Belarusian dishes. Especially for you the owner of the estate will invite a music band. A special mood is created by the play on old Belarusian instruments by famous singer Katya Radzivilova and her master class in medieval Slavic dances.

This tour can be combined with others on request.

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