The city of Brest stands right on the border with Poland. It's a city with a rich and complicated history, noisy bars and charming characters (like the man who lights the lanterns on Savieckaja Street every night). You can always find something new in Brest, and we’ll tell you how to spend some quality time in the city on the river Bug.

The city tour includes visiting main streets, churches and, of course, famous Brest Hero Fortress.

On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany attacked the USSR. The Brest Fortress was the first to be hit by heavy artillery fire. However, despite a carefully developed plan, the fascists stumbled upon desperate resistance from the defenders of the Brest Fortress. In the Brest Fortress, the water supply system, ammunition and food depots were destroyed. Legends were born about the steadfastness and courage of Soviet soldiers, which supported the morale of those who fought on the fronts of the war.

A majestic Soviet style war memorial was constructed on the site of the 1941 battle, to commemorate the known and unknown defenders of the Hero-Fortress. This war memorial is the largest tourist attraction of the city. In addition, an archaeological museum of the old city Berestye is located on the southern island of the Hero-Fortress. It offers objects and huts dated back to the 11th - 13th century, that were unearthed during excavations in the 1970s.

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