Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is world-famous as a untouched nature. Unique forests and extensive bogs - the most valuable environmental and scientific place. The reserve was formed in 1925 as a national reserve for the protection of valuable wild animals.

The reserve is an ideal habitat for many animals, in the past are common in Europe, but now either disappeared or extremely rare now.

Many representatives of animals and birds are listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Among mammals, special interest species such as the brown bear, lynx, wolf, otter, moose, beaver and bison.
Today the Berezina Biosphere Reserve - a real jewel of natural heritage of Europe. Here you can see the life of local people, their cultural traditions and customs, handcrafts, Belarusian cuisine.

During the tour you will visit the House of the environmental education with watching the informative film, as well as visit the Nature Museum of Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve.

Tour of the ecological trails and entertainment animation program «Secrets of the swamp», during which guests will find a fascinating encounter with the mysterious Bolotnik, fun games and contests, nice prizes.
While walking through the ecological trail, you can see a variety of birds, plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Belarus.

This tour can be combined with others on request.

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