It’s the largest and the oldest forest in Europe protected by UNESCO. So this is what Belarus is really proud of. Here the agreement that put an end to the Soviet Union was signed.

In Bialowieza you can breathe in relict air, ride a bike, feed a bison and go see Kamyanetz Tower, which is already more than 700 years old. 

In the «Museum of Folk Life and ancient technologies» you can get acquainted with the way of life and culture of the ancient local inhabitants of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and try local food. Moreover it’s a museum complex, which includes: Museum (farmhouse of the inhabitant, XVII century), outbuildings for keeping domestic animals, blacksmith workshops crafts, etc.

The open-air cages with animals cover about 20 hectares. So, there you can see the main types of animals that live in the Belovezhskaya pushcha:

  • lynx,
  • fox,
  • bison,
  • elk,
  • wolves,
  • wild boar,
  • deer etc.

The Museum of Nature in Belovezhskaya pushcha is one of the most visited in Brest region, where the nature is represented on the background of its history. Moreover you can see ungulates animals and predators, meet the kingdom of birds where about 250 species live. The sounds of nature enhance the impression that will accompany the journey through the museum.

In 2003 in territory of national park the Belarusian Santa Claus - Ded Moroz - residence was opened It is located in the heart of a dense forest in an environment of reserved wood. Moreover the residence includes directly Ded Moroz estate with a throne-room and an office on the ground floor, a bedroom and a balcony — on the second.

Nearby there is also ”Skarbnitsa” - storehouse of gifts, letters, drawings, photos and the hand-made articles sent by children to Ded Moroz which even has an own museum where olden time subjects are collected. In residence territory grows, as declare in national park, the highest in Europe a forty-meter natural fur-tree, which 120 years. For New year it is the main sight of residence.

This tour can be combined with others on request.

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