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This tour is one of the most popular in the country. You will visit medieval Nesvizh and Mir with its fascinating legends and mysteries and have recently been included by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritage

For decoration of their possession in Nesvizh the Radzivills gathered European best architects, painters, woodcarvers, gardeners, decorators, jewelers (the legend of hidden gold apostles of Radziwills is haunted by many people). One can see there wonderful monuments which gave the city the name "Paris of the North", "the uncrowned capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania" - it is Slutskaya Brama (1690s),Town Hall Square with Town Hall, the famous “Farny” Kostel (Church) and the Radzivill’s family crypt. Nesvizh is the city-treasure, whose charm is not lost with age. In Mir town (30 km from Nesvizh) you`ll see another pearl of Belarusian architecture - the Mir Castle - the 1st monument of national culture, included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Erected by tycoons Ilyiniches in 1540 in the Belarusian Gothic style, it amazes with its greatness even today. 5 towers up to 27 m are connected by thick defensive walls.

This tour can be combined with others on request.