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The victim on the Belarusian land devoted the memorial complex «Hatyn» - a monument to hundred destroyed, burned Belarusian villages.

On March 22, 1943 there was a tragedy which has become a symbol of sufferings of the civilian population in days of war - the village of Hatyn together with 149 inhabitants was burned. In 1968 on this place the majestic memorial well-known for the whole world was created. The architectural and artistic construction of the memorial complex is original and impressive. It synthesized different arts and it carries a patriotic idea expressed by realistic artistic means. It eloquently and vividly presents the tragedy and the courage of Belarussian people during the Great Patriotic War.

You will visit The memorial complex «Barrow of Glory» - a majestic monument dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. This hill is erected in memory of the military operation named "Bagration", as a result of which the territory of Belarus was completely released from the invaders. On the top of the complex there is a monumental sculptural ring and four huge bayonets symbolizing a fighting brotherhood of soldiers of four fronts.

You will have a possibility to rise by barrow top, to get acquainted with the samples of military equipment established at its foot.

This tour can be combined with others on request.