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“Dudutki” is one of the most popular and visited museums of Belarus, where you'll have informative and fun time, where you can relax, taste local food, including moonshine, ride horses, walk around the zoo.

In Dudutki meet the past and the present, the measured life of ancient gentry estates XIX century and convenience of a modern tourist center. Here you will be offered to see the way of life of a landlord, the work of masters, recreating the old technology in action, the cuisine heritage of our ancestors, charming nature of the Minsk region, amazing wildlife.

You will see the oldest and the only windmill in Belarus and taste the Miller’s products (lard, bread, onions).

You will visit the village blacksmith, watch the process of blacksmithing and learn the secrets of its craft, if you're lucky, you will be chosen as an assistant of a blacksmith and he will give you a newly forged horseshoe "for luck". You may try and touch all the exhibits. Purchasing a souvenir of straw and flax will be possible in the ethnographic gallery with a collection of everyday life objects of XVIII-XX centuries.

This tour can be combined with others on request.