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Lufthansa City Center

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Internatsionalnaya 31,
220030 Minsk
VS Global
Day 1


13:00 Arrival in Minsk
14:00 Check-in
15:30 Minsk city-tour (3 hours)

The capital city of Belarus is situated in a picturesque place on the banks of the Svisloch river. Minsk was first settled over 900 years ago in 1067. Not many real ancient monuments have remained in Minsk, much of old Minsk was razed to the ground during World War II. The city Minsk of today is the city of wide streets, modern and old architectural ensembles, fountains, shady parks and green boulevards. The city tour gives a good opportunity to enjoy a special hospitable atmosphere of Minsk, to admire its surprisingly clean, and beautiful streets and avenues, to get to learn the history, culture and traditions of the Belarusian people.

19:00 Free time and night at the hotel.

Day 2


Buffet breakfast at the hotel
10:00 Transfer to Dudutki museum (45 km from Minsk). - OPTIONAL
11:00 Excursion to Dudutki museum (2,5 hours).

Founded in 1993, covers the territory of 160 hectares. Former inhabitants of Dudutki estate in the 19th century, the Jelsky’s Family - the representatives of an old Belarusian dynasty, owned it for 130 years. They turned Dudutki to one of the centres of cultural life in Belarus. This is the most popular interactive excursion! A wonderful reconstruction of household traditions and crafts of 19th and early 20th centuries. You will see an old mansion, try home-made cheese and butter, bake your own loaf of bread, try your abilities as a potter and become a blacksmith or a miller. Climb the old wind-mill and make taste Belarusian samogon (home-made vodka) made in a real country home-brew with Belarusian traditional snacks. You can have nice, very delicious lunch in “Korchma” café (for extra charge), cooked of products manufactured in Dudutki farm in full accordance with old Belarusian traditions. Visit this nice farm with many animals and birds - real fun! Here you will have the best choice of souvenirs and gifts to buy.


13:30 Lunch at restaurant Korchma in Dudutki.
Serves traditional Belarusian cuisine.


15:30 Arrival in Minsk.
Free time
17:00 Transfer to Brest (348 km, 4 hours)
Free time and night at the hotel.

Day 3


Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Belovezhskaya Puscha (100 km, 1.5 hour)
10:00 Excursion to Museum of nature and aviaries with animals
11:00 Tour for Byelovezhskaya Puscha

Byelovezhskaya Puscha is the primeval forest of this National Park is home to over 900 plants and 250 animals and birds, including several rare species. A key tourist attraction of Belarus, Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is what’s left of the primeval forest which used to stretch from the Baltic Sea to the Buh River and from Odder to the Dnieper River. The park is located 340km to the south-west of Minsk in the Brest region of Belarus. It is one of 4 National Parks in Belarus and the largest forest in the lowlands of central Europe. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. In 1993 it was granted UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status.


14.00 Lunch at the local restaurant “Byelovezhskaya Puscha”

Designed for 250 seats. It has 5 rooms (with a capacity of 6 to 250 people), decorated in different styles. The menu of the restaurant offers dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine, as well as original specialties and game dishes. The cozy atmosphere and live music create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation. Guests will be able to order special dish – a bizon in the pot.


15.00 Transfer to Brest (100 km, 1.5 hour)
Free time.

Day 4


Breakfast at the hotel.
Check out
10.30 Brest City tour

The city tour includes the famous Brest Hero Fortress. A majestic Soviet style war memorial was constructed on the site of the 1941 battle, to commemorate the known and unknown defenders of the Hero-Fortress. This war memorial is the largest tourist attraction of the city. In addition, an archaeological museum of the old city Berestye is located on the southern island of the Hero-Fortress. It offers objects and huts dated back to the 11th - 13th century, that were unearthed during excavations in the 1970s. Brest rowing canal is a unique piece of nature. There are no big waves thanks to the wind rose which is extremely favorable. The course’s situation is also very convenient: centre of the city of Brest, 3 km from the Polish border. The construction and the equipment of the newly opened Centre allow to run training sessions all-the-year-round for professional sportsmen as well as for the beginners. The unique range of sports facilities meet all international standards. That was the reason for choosing this area as the main training base of the national rowing team. The Centre is challenged to host international competitions up to the highest level.

13.30 Dinner at the local restaurant “Jules Verne”

Top-class restaurant with European cuisine in the city center – also provides Indian cuisine.


14.30 Transfer to Minsk
18.30 Check in hotel in Minsk.
Free time

Day 5


Buffet breakfast at the hotel
08:45 Transfer to Nesvizh. (121 km, 1.5 hours) - OPTIONAL
10:30 Excursion in Nesvizh castle (1,5 hours)

This tour is one of the most popular in the country. You will visit medieval Nesvizh and Mir which have been included by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritage. The small town of Nesvizh founded in the 13th century, is home to the 16th century Radziville Renaissance family castle, the former residence of the ancient Belarusian-Lithuanian family of Prince Radziville. Now it’s a sanatorium for kolkhoz farmers, but the grounds and courtyard are open to the public.


12:30 Trasfer to Mir (30 km, 28 min).

13:00 Lunch at restaurant Doroga zamkov (Castle road) in Mir.

Restaurant is stylized to a classic Belarusian village house, provides with home-cooked dinners and traditional Belarusian cuisine.

14:00 Excursion in Mir castles (1,5 hours).

In Mir town you`ll see the pearl of Belarusian architecture - the Mir Castle - the 1st monument of national culture, included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The construction of this castle was started in the 1520s by Duke Ilinich. In 1568 the castle came into the hands of Mikolay Radziwil, who used it as his hunting castle and completed it in Renaissance style. A three-storey palace was built along the eastern and northern walls of the castle which had forty fretted rooms. Earth walls were built around the castle with bastions at the corners, surrounded by a water moat.


16:00 Transfer to Minsk (98 km, 1 hour 20 min)
Free time and night at the hotel.

Day 6


Buffet breakfast at the hotel
11:00 “Industrial tours” day - OPTIONAL

During Soviet time Belarus was famous for its industrial giants. Today Minsk is ready to show how it really works. Transfer to Zhodino to BELAZ factory (60 km, 1 hour) The plant is a real must-see for industrial tourism fans!
You’ll see how the world’s biggest dump trucks are assembled with your own eyes, and follow the production process of Belarusian giants. The tour takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The most adventurous visitors can test drive a BelAZ truck.
- Entrance ticket – 13 USD (1 pax),
- Belaz driving (220 ton) – 56 USD (1 pax),
- Transport :
360 USD (48-seats bus),
150 USD (minibus, max 19 pax)

13:30 Transfer back to Minsk
14:30 Lunch in Minsk in Indian/Georgian cuisine restaurant.
15:30 Excursion to the jewelry Factory ZORKA.

It will show the entire cycle of the art of creation of jewelry of the most famous factory in Belarus. It also includes the visit of the show-room where guests will be able to buy jewelry for special rates.
19:00 Transfer back to the hotel.

Day 7


Breakfast at the hotel
11:30 Transfer to Stalin Line (28 km, 30 min)
12:00 Excursion in Stalin Line (1,5 hours)

Stalin Line was a line of defensive installations dispersed from one to six kilometers with different artificial obstacles. The main task of the fortified region was to protect Minsk from the attack of fascist’s army in 1941.
The exposition was created so that a visitor could feel the spirit of the times. The historical and cultural complex opens up a look to antitank “hedgehogs”, obstacles, pillboxes, caponiers. The opportunity to be absorbed in history is one of the distinctive features of the museum. The basis of the exposition is original pillboxes. These real witnesses of battles create a special atmosphere, do not leave a single visitor indifferent to the feat of the Red Army soldiers.
There is also a park of military equipment of different years in the complex: caterpillar and wheels equipment, cars, antitank guns, airplanes and helicopters. It is one of the most complete expositions of artillery and military equipment in the Republic of Belarus. For some extra amount of money guests can try famous “Soldier’s porridge” and “100 gram” (100 ml of vodka, that soldiers got free before they start for the attack), drive on a tank or shoot from an antitank rifle.
Extra services:
- gun shooting – 5 USD for 1 shot for 1 pax,
- tank driving – 365 USD (the price is per one tank).
About the ride:
Duration - 15 min,
Number of people in one tank - from 1 to 10.


13:30 Transfer to Ganka manor (Interaction + lunch) (35 km from Minsk), 4-4,5 hours

Ganka Farmstead is situated in a restful picturesque place on the edges of Epimahi village. It is surrounded by beautiful garden and endless fields. Silence, soul harmony and coziness will be companions of your rest. Hospitable family of Anatoly Ganets will greet you near their cottage with accordion, bread and a shot glass of moonshine (home-made vodka). They will tell the story how to make and how to drink this product in the right way. Guests will have the tour of the house and other premises of the Manor, see different birds and animals living there. The apogee of this holiday will be the most delicious lunch cooked by Anatoly’s wife and daughter. All ingredients are grown here, in the Manor.
Fantastic folk band will play music while you are having a meal. After the lunch you will have chance to take part in Slavonic dances master class.


Day 8


Buffet breakfast at the hotel
12:00 Check-out and transfer to the airport.

Additional night activities

In the evening you will visit 5 bars in and around Zybitsa Street (center of Misnk, 10 minutes walk to Double Tree by Hilton hotel and 5 minutes walk to Europe hotel). This place has already earned the title of alcoholic and entertaining mecca of the Upper City among fashionable citizens. All establishments are in 5-10-minute walk from each other: 

  • wine bar "Wine Wardrobe"
  • bar "Embargo"
  • bar "Insomnia"
  • bar "Loft"
  • the "Banks-Bottles" bar

Alcoholic drinks are available in each of the establishments. And the whole tour is accompanied by a guide with contest quests and various entertainments, so that a boring evening will be remembered for a long time.
What will you get from the bar tour in Minsk:

  • new impressions
  • new friends and acquaintances
  • boring evening
  • new flavors and cocktail recipes
  • secret places of the city
  • an unforgettable gastronomic experience


Wine casino (can be arranged in the hotel or in restaurant/bar)


The playing field is divided into categories: country, grape variety, vintage year and the vine strength/alcohol. At the beginning of the game participants get chips, this is called money. The game involved six wines from different parts of the world, hidden in sacks. Participants are tasting samples, and they discuss wine aroma, color and taste, determine Its grade, region and country of origin. As a result, participants come to one or more points of view, and at the end of
the round make their bets. After all bets are made, the sommelier shows a bottle. There are six rounds in the game.




Today in Minsk there are more than 30 casinos and Gambling. The largest of them are the Opera Casino, ShangriLa casino, X.O. casino.Most of them are situated in the center of Minsk, stepwise availability from hotels or 10 minutes transfer. We will arrange transfers and special services for all the guests that are interested in this kind of recreations.